Otte Excavating Inc.: Making Your Grading Great

You can confidently rely on Otte Excavating, Inc. for finished grading in all areas of new construction, additions, and road/ driveway building.

When you opt to work with us, we don’t move any dirt before taking the time to assess your situation and learn all aspects involved with the job. As a professional excavating company, we strive to ensure appropriate soil makeup, proper soil compaction, precision drainage slopes, and exact building pad dimensions. Relying on experience and GPS equipped machines, we are able to create smooth final grades that meet engineering requirements every time.

By using GPS 3-dimensional controls, our team members meet standards for even the toughest tasks. Having this technology on our machines allows us excavate at the highest levels and better serve you. Our GPS grade controls allow our operators to maneuver equipment to cut, fill, and dig at the most precise depths and grades the first time.

Why wait to put us to work for you? Digging, moving, leveling, and hauling dirt is what we do. Call us today at 651-775-3873 for a free estimate.

Road Grading and Maintenance

Beyond providing finish grading services, Otte Excavating, Inc. also provides another form of grading — road grading. Working with area townships we can provide regular and one-time road grading / maintenance for gravel roads. Maintaining our own equipment and experienced operators, we can ensure a smooth surface for commuters to travel on.

Whether due to heavy rains and washout or frequent travel, we can successfully re-grade and repair rutted gravel roads to allow for ongoing usability and proper drainage. Contact Otte Excavating, Inc. for all your road grading and road maintenance needs.

Grading Explained in Simple Terms

At its core, land grading is the technique of cutting dirt from a high spot and moving it to fill a low spot. The primary purpose is to create a level area, or pad, to make way for a construction project (i.e. new home, commercial space, parking lot, driveway, etc.).

Otte Excavating Dozer grading a pit for agicultural purposes


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