Planning for a Basement: Otte Excavating Inc. Can Dig It

As Minnesotans we really enjoy our basements. These "extra" spaces often act as an entertainment refuge from our long, harsh winters; as well as a comfortable spot to escape summer heat. Beyond comfort, basements also boast a safety benefit, providing a more stable place during tornadoes and storms.

Whether you are building new or looking to expand, make sure a basement is on the list of must-haves. From there make sure to contact Otte Excavating, Inc..

When you work with Otte Excavating Inc. you can be assured of friendly service and professional work:

  • Proper Depth Digging via GPS
  • Precision Compaction
  • Accurate Backfilling with Drainage in Mind
  • Timely Aggregate Delivery
  • Professional Haul Away of Excess Material
  • Finish Grade of Yard
  • Free Estimates
Excavated layout for a new home basement foundation

Excavation services for a Minnesota basement involves much more than simply digging a hole in the ground. It requires proper equipment and true expertise. At Otte Excavating Inc., we work hard to ensure the excavated area for your basement is accurately dug, correctly assessed, and properly compacted to protect your home from the negative impacts of settling.

When you are ready to build, call Otte Excavating, Inc. for an estimate; you won’t be disappointed. Bottom line: we provide basement digging for new construction and additions. We have decades of combined experience and possess the professional skills required to produce the best results.


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